Customer Engagement

With our system you can overcome the challenge to strategically collect, consolidate and use customer data, including real-time signals, in a way that is still not typically being captured today.

Turn loyal customers into vocal advocates through exceptional customer experiences that elevate and differentiate your brand.

Social and behavioral data

Get to know your contacts. We show their interests, social profiles, interactions with marketing campaigns, behavioral actions on your web site.

Interactions and site activity

We take the mass amount of interaction, behavioral, and contact based data and make it actionable for you by logging every page your contacts visit and how many times they visit each page.

GEO Tracking and customer interests

See where contacts interact with your campaign with our live Geo-location tracking system. Determine where contacts live (and visit), what interest they may have and use that data for campaigning relevant promotions to them.

Intelligence driven automations

Update data, initiate campaigns, add branches, add conditions, wait for certain things to happen, start or nurture sales processes, etc.

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